Arlene ‘Pinstripes’ Moran

1930’s Gangster turned Vampire



2 1 0 -1
Blood Heart Mind Spirit


1 1 -1 1
Mortality ● Night ● Power ○ Wild ●





When you suffer harm, mark the same number of boxes as harm received. When you heal harm, erase it in the same order. You heal about 1 harm/day naturally. You can mark a Scar to ignore all harm you are about to suffer.


Shattered -1 Blood
Disfigured -1 Heart
Fractured -1 Mind
Broken -1 Spirit


  • Finn Mccann owes me 1 Debt as they rely on me for their fix.
  • Lola-Mae Lester owes me 1 Debt as they bear responsibility for me becoming a vampire.
  • Matthew Rodriguez owes me 1 Debts because I aided him when he fucked up with the Oakwood Local Werewolves
  • Tolstoy owes me 1 debt for getting involved in the Blood Bank Hunter situation
  • Daryl Oakbrook owes me 1 debt as he asked me to learn about what Bobby Ray Randolph is up to
  • I owe Raine (Suncourt Blood Bank Fairy) 2 Debts for them making sure I get fed regularly.
  • I owe Alessio Caladri for not murdering me over the Rodriguez situation
  • I owe Bobby Ray Randolph for the first tip on the Blood Bank Hunter Situation

Drama Moves

Vamp Corruption Move
When you feed on an unwilling victim, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, tell them a secret about yourself or owe them a Debt. Either way, they enter your Web and owe you a Debt.

End Move
When you die or retire your character, name someone in the scene you want dead; your agents and allies relentlessly pursue them.


Vamp Moves

Eternal Hunger
You hunger for human blood. When you feed, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2, On a miss, something goes terribly wrong.

  • You heal 1-harm
  • You learn a secret about them
  • You take +1 forward
  • They don’t die

When you Keep Your Cool under emotional duress, roll with Blood instead of Spirit.

Put Out the Word
When you cash in a Debt with someone in your Web, add this option to the list:

  • Put out the word with their Faction that you want something. You get +3 forward to Hit the Streets with that Faction.

Vamp’s Web

When someone comes to you to ask for a favour, look for advice/info, or threaten your interests, they enter your Web and owe you a Debt. When someone is in your Web, you gain the following when dealing with them:

  • Get +1 ongoing to Lend a Hand or Get in the Way of their efforts
  • Add this question to Figure Someone Out: “What is your character’s true hunger?”

At the start of a session, choose someone in your Web and learn a secret about them that they’d rather keep buried. They leave your Web only when they no longer owe you a Debt

Current Web


  • A secluded apartment (Lake Parc Place), a comfortable car, a smart phone
  • Dual 9mm Glocks (2-harm, close, loud)

Debts Cashed In

  • Sid Allan owes me 1 Debt because I brought Rodriguez to him
  • Matthew Rodriguez owes me 1 Debt because I learnt something incriminating about him


Arlene ‘Pinstripes’ Moran

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