Finn Mccann

Bizarrely hardboiled private detective


It surprises most people when they find out Finn Mccann is an ordinary human and not, say, a vampire from the 20s or an Icon of the classic Chicago noir detective. He’s certainly channeling classic Chicago noir detective. Right down to the hat, coat, alcoholism and snub nosed revolver. He’d be a joke if hardboiled private detectives weren’t actually a pretty potent force in the Chicago nightlife.

Finn’s probably some kind of wizard. He certainly doesn’t run in those circles, and mostly deals with ordinary people caught up in the nightlife (probably because being a wizard isn’t part of his persona) but the best explanation for his success and longevity is that there’s something special to this whole ‘hardboiled detective’ thing. I mean, he got in a fist fight with Callam Cotton and sort of won?

If you need some dirt digging up, some wrongs righted or (especially) if you’re a dame in need, then Finn Mccann can reluctantly and wearily pound the pavement on your behalf in exchange for cold hard cash.

Finn Mccann

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