Flynn "Butcher" Brett

Housekeeper of the Omerti, red-handed and bloodstained


Back in the 30s, Butcher Brett was a feared name. A Union boss who controlled (not owned, but when did that actually matter?) the Stockyards of Chicago, where the blood of a thousand thousand animals stained the drains, the gutters and the soul of that place. Also, thanks to Butcher’s involvement with the mob, a fair few human beings met their grisly ends in the Stockyards, their meat disappearing into the sea of anonymous flesh. At the time, Butcher didn’t know what effect all that death was having on the district. He didn’t know that he was effectively putting down payments on his own afterlife.

Butcher didn’t want to hang around as a ghost. He wasn’t murdered, nor did he have any real unfinished business. A massive heart attack should have been the end for him. Little did he know that as the architect of all that blood, his soul would be anchored to the Stockyards until the end of time.

It wasn’t just him, either. The butchers of that place, the gangsters who spilled blood there, the workers who drenched themselves in blood and gore to keep the sluices flowing all found themselves bound. It’s possible the Omerti would have still been big players in Chicago if it weren’t for the Stockyards. But it’s the Stockyards that make them dangerous.

Ghosts cannot be exorcised from the Stockyards. It’s too strong of an anchor. Combined with the over 1100 unsolved murders the Chicago Outfit have been responsible for over the decades – that’s a lot of ghosts. Most of them gangsters or gangster adjacent. Once they’ve had their bloody revenge, what do they do next? Turns out, it’s more of the same. The Omerti are an organised crime family where there’s not a drop of blood in sight. They struggle hard to stay relevant. To stay in the game. And you’re not going to putting them down any time soon, thanks to the Stockyards.

As for Butcher? He lurks in those tainted yards like some kind of grim keeper. He cannot leave. He cannot pass on. He’s a Made Man, one of the bigwigs of the Omerti, but he can’t take part in the street life. So he makes the Stockyards his demense and keeps them safe for his fellow ghosts. You do not fuck with Butcher Brett on his home turf. Not if you don’t want to end up as anonymous meat.

Flynn "Butcher" Brett

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