Johnathan Hurst

Vampiric occultist/cultist


Most vampires care deeply about their territory. They care deeply about debt. They care deeply about the game. Johnathan Hurst cares about two things: blood and the exaltation of his demonic counterpart. Johnathan was an occultist long before he was a vampire, and getting turned did nothing to disabuse him of this habit.

Despite being very into magic and the occult, Johnathan isn’t that welcome amongst the other wizards in Chicago, or amongst the Scholomancers. Partly it’s the vampire thing and partly it’s the ‘pact-bound to an ancient Sumerian blood god’ thing. Hurst and his patron tend to run in the same sorts of circles as other Wild practitioners: on the edges, usually solo. He’s damn good if you need an immortal blood sorcerer to help you, but any debt you owe him is also owed to Amashilama, the aforementioned Sumerian blood god.

Johnathan Hurst

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