Lola-Mae Lester

Former burlesque dancer, now ruthless ghost mob boss


Lola-Mae Lester was never a good girl, but it’s doubtful that even she imagined she’d ever end up as an undead crime lord. Contrary to most members of the Omerti, she wasn’t a gangster, she wasn’t a man and she wasn’t Italian-American. If you think about it, it’s kind of scary that she’s ended up where she is: and it ain’t due to progressiveness in the Omerti.

In life, Lola-Mae was a burlesque dancer who came to the big city in search of fame and the high life. She found vice, exploitation and crime. A less bold (or less stupid) girl wouldn’t have let herself get tied up with all the gangsters who frequented the club she worked at. Her beauty, shamelessness, skill in the sack and confidence got her some relationships with some very rich and very dangerous people. She got the high life she always wanted: a rich boyfriend, fancy cars, luxurious mansions, piles of money and all the illegal narcotics she could ask for. Unfortunately for her beau, Lola-Mae was not born to be a trophy wife. Maybe she wasn’t always an ambitious sociopath. Maybe she just got carried away.

In any case, Lola-Mae wasn’t content to stand around and look pretty. Lola-Mae got involved. And then Lola-Mae got murdered. Unfortunately for the gangsters who got tired of the uppity broad, her pissed-off ghost stuck around and got messily even. That’s when she stopped fucking around. Being a near-immortal ghost meshes very nicely with her particular brand of overconfident mania and, like it or not, the burlesque dancer became a very big deal in the Omerti.

Lola-Mae’s not in charge of the Omerti, per se. She’s absolutely their most active and driven boss, though, and it’s hard not to follow her lead when she goes out and gets results. The decades have toughened her exterior and even though she often plays up the bubbly dancing girl she once was, it’s difficult to miss the iron-hard badass underneath.

Lola-Mae Lester

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