Nishiime Ma'iingan

Spectre of local Anishinaabe heritage


Following after her father, Dewe’igan, Nishiime came to Chicago in 1952 from further out in Illinois, primarily to protest against the removal of spearfishing rights from the Ojibwe reservations. Her father was a peaceful protester. She, however, was not.

Resistant of termination policies of the time, she stood out far too easily to be picked off by mortals who wanted any walking tribesman in their city dead – especially loud ones that wanted to keep their own fish. Her father and found the cold concrete of a Chicago back alley as unwelcoming as the rest of it, bleeding out in the oily offrun of a nearby drainpipe.

Nishiime has spent her time since, one of the vengeful undead, looking over hers and her clan’s descendants, inch by inch clawing back facets of themselves from the federal government and forced integration. Her tribe that she knew may be gone, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t kill to protect it in spirit.

Nishiime Ma'iingan

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