Sid Allan

The boss(?) of Oakland


The pecking order down in Oakland is something that changes on a night by night basis. Vampire turf is a roiling, active hotspot of street politics and backstabbing. One feature that remains night after night is that Sid Allan is somewhere near the top. He’s not the strongest, or the smartest, and certainly not the most charismatic, but Sid Allan is a born survivor.

Most of the vamps in Chicago were turned before World War 2. Most of them lived through the Great Depression, and learned how to survive in tough times with scarce resources. Despite their active nightlife, Chicagoan vampires have a well-deserved reputation for thriftiness and cautious opportunism. Sid Allan didn’t grow up in the Great Depression. He was turned in the 90s. He grew up in the crack epidemic of the 80s. He learned how to survive when everyone around you is out to get you. Good preparation for being a vampire, it turns out.

Sid plays the debt game fast and loose. He’s quick to make and lose friends, and keeps a rolling turnover of who he can and cannot trust. He always seems to be in good with just the right people at just the right time. It’s probably all going to catch up with him some day, but for now, Sid’s on top of his game.

Sid Allan

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