Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Literally an animate dinosaur fossil


If anyone tells you, no matter their credentials, that they expected Sue the Tyrannosaur to come to life as one of Chicago’s icons: they’re lying. Despite being a product of blind evolutionary processes instead of human imagination, it seems that assembling the impressions of ancient bones in one place, putting them on display and naming them Sue is sufficient to figuratively tap oil in the collective unconscious. And now Chicago’s nightlife has to deal with an honest-to-god dinosaur.

Sue is 90% Cretaceous apex predator and 10% vigilante standing up for the little guy. It seems that the legal bullshit surrounding the ownership of the multi-million dollar fossil was sufficient to instill a hatred of corporate greed and a desire to make sure that honest hardworking Americans don’t have the fruits of their labour unfairly taken from them by faceless bureaucrats. It turns out that a 12 ton predatory lizard is an excellent chassis with which to wage a war on behalf of Chicago’s working class, and the rest of Chicago’s nightlife had better make sure they stay on the right side of the line.


Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex

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