Tabitha Lott

The outsider


You’d think that in the decades since being turned as a vampire, Tabitha would have lost her New York accent. If anything, it’s grown stronger – and Tabitha wears it as a point of pride. She’s an outsider in Chicago politics, particularly in the notoriously insular vampire pissing contest down in Oakland, but she’s got some clout backing her up. She might live in Chicago, but her roots go back to NYC. And she represents certain factions of the Big Apple and their interests in Chicago.

Her backers in New York have an agenda, obviously, and Tabitha has one of her own too. She’s lived in Chicago for a long time, after all. She’s earned her seat at the table. Not without incident, though. The Sacred Architects in particular despise the idea of New York’s community meddling with their great Plan and there is no love lost between Tabitha and the Draftsmen. They haven’t got rid of her yet, though.

Tabitha Lott

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